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NOTE:  The Trafficwave Ad Share Reimbursement Program has been paused until further notice.
However, if you choose to participate in Trafficwave's Ad Co-op program, you can send me proof of your purchase, and I will still give you the free 100,000 visitors. Click here for instructions to claim your free 100K visitors.


Backlink Document:    

Qualification Form:

Link to my “Welcome To TWMMS” email:

How To Take A Screenshot Of Your Proof Of Purchase (Windows Systems Only)

  1. Select the window displaying the proof of purchase by clicking it’s border.
  2. Hit “Alt-PrintScrn”

         (i.e., Hold down the “Alt” key and hit the “Print Scrn” key). You won’t see anything happen here.

  1. Open a new email & type your name and TW ID & then hit “Enter”
  2. Click “Ctrl-V” to paste your screenshot in the body of the email.
  3. Send the email to Please set the Subject to say, “AD SHARE PROOF OF PURCHASE”

NOTE: To be eligible to win the Ad Share refund, you must be a current member/subscriber of Trafficwave and the Traffic Wave Money Maker System (TWMMS) at the time the winner(s) are selected. For Trafficwave, "current" means Free Trial, Fast Track, or Active status; For the TWMMS, "current" means your subscription is still in the Free Trial period or payments are current and has not been cancelled and is not in "Subscription Payment Failed" status. There will be 2 ad share refunds made (more if the thresholds described in the video are reached) as long as there are at least 6 qualifying entries.

You must also send me a proof of purchase for the Trafficwave Ad Share as described in the video. The Trafficwave Ad Share program is not the same as the Traffic Wave Money Maker System.

IMPORTANT:  To be eligible to win the Trafficwave Ad Share Refund, you must build 2 backlinks & send the web address of the page where your backlinks reside to me. Backlinks created by the FreeBacklinkTool are no longer eligible; you must build the links manually. Effective 1 April 2013, if there are less than 10 members who join the Trafficwave Ad Share for the month, I will award 1 Ad Share refund as long as there is at least 2 members who meet the eligibility requirement.

Want to make your Backlinks serve you better?  After you create the backlink, go to and submit the title of you post and the web address where you backlink is located. Then click "Submit".