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  NOTE: In the video, it refers to 100% Commissions. However, due to changes
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Current $7 Miracle Offers

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1. Affiliate Proven Methods To Stuff Your Pockets With Cash ... Without Creating Your Own Products


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3. Online Success How To Market For Massive Online Success

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IMPORTANT:  In the unlikely event someone should request a refund from any $7 Miracle product within 60 days after purchasing it, you must grant the refund. That is a Clickbank requirement unless you can work out any discrepancies or issues the customer may have. Normally, Clickbank will handle the refund for you.

Marketing Methods

There are hundreds of ways to drive traffic to your websites and web pages ... Here are 3 methods I recommend that really work:
  1. Use email marketing with 10,000 emails per week from Advertyze.  You can also send 50 emails free per week.
  2. Use email marketing with 1,500 emails per week from 10DollarSoloAds. You can also send 50 emails free one time, and they guarantee a minimum Click-Through Rate of 10%.
  3. Get Thousands of guaranteed visitors from RealTraffic. Click the "Traffic Shop" link from the gray banner across the top. You can 100,000 US visitors for $130 or 500,000 International visitors for $160.
  4. There are lots more marketing resources available here.

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