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Headline Generator Software

  • To use this Headline Generator software, simply fill in each of the fields below and click the button to generate more than 160 headlines  and 30 email subject lines custom written for your offer in seconds. 

  • You should complete all the fields below, but if you choose to leave some blank, the program will work, but they will show up in the list of headlines as "undefined".

  • You don't need to worry about capitalization; the software converts everything to Title Case.

  • You can read more about writing & evaluating good headlines here.

Clickbank Products

Affiliate Program

[OPTIONAL]:  Describe what this campaign is all about (e.g., Sales page for XYZ product or service, Squeeze page or Email ad for ABC):
What is the most powerful benefit your product offers? 
(stops what pain or offers what pleasure)
What is the second most powerful benefit your product offers?
How long does it take to provide the primary benefit? 
(10 Minutes, 5 Days, 3 Easy Steps, etc.)
Who is your target audience? 
(Internet Marketers, Teachers, Article Writers, Men, Ladies, Friends, Dentists, etc.)
What is the problem or annoyance that plagues your target audience? 
(Slow Sales, Bad Breath, Dog Wetting The Carpet, Stubborn Fat, etc.)
What is your primary niche? 
(Internet Marketing, Traffic Tickets, List Building, Making Money, High Income Investing, Dog Training, Dessert Recipes, etc.)
In what state or country does your business reside? 
(NY, Maryland, UK, Canberra, Canada, etc.)
Enter the gender of the product developer (Man or Woman).
What is the product developers professional title? 
(Engineer, Homemaker, Doctor, Lawyer, Retired Policeman, Ex-Lawyer For The IRS, Teenager, etc.)
How many steps, ways, methods, phone calls, etc. does it take to solve or launch the solution to the promised benefit? 
(3 Ways To, 4 Easy StepsTo,2 Short Phone Calls To, 6 Money-Making Methods, etc.). 
For example
, in the "#" Field enter "3:, and in the "Units" field, enter "Easy Steps" or "Ways".
#:    Units:
Enter what you are giving away for Free? 
(Article, Report, Ebook, Audio, Video, etc.)
Enter how much time it will take for you to show your reader how he will get the promised benefit 
(3 Minutes, 11 Minutes, 8 Seconds, etc.):
Check the button corresponding to the primary product you are offering:
Report  Book  Ebook
Audio  Video  Software  
Service  Other
What will the customer "become" when he uses your product or service?  
(Millionaire, Expert Plumber, Life Of The Party, Elite Marketer, Happy Camper, etc.)
Enter 3 one-word benefits the customer will gain: 
("Luck, Happiness, & Success" or "Savings, Income, and Peace of Mind"). You can also enter just 2 ("Wealth & Prosperity") or more than 3.
Provide an "inspiring comment":  
(e.g., "Nothing drives a stampede of eager customers to your website faster.")

Enter a few inspiring questions that would make your prospect squirm:   
For example ... 

  • "Are you worried about your tax return this year?", 

  • "Is your job 100% safe?", 

  • "What would your family do if you lost your job?", 

  • "Are you sick & tired of trying to juggle all your bills?"

Enter 1 question per box



If you have a testimonial, enter the testimonial and the name & location of the source 
(e.g., "J. Smith, Cleveland"). 


Enter an attention-getting newsflash: 
(e.g., "Silver Prices Skyrocket Past Gold!")
If you can offer a "case history" illustrating the application and benefit of your product or service, enter a headline for it here:  
(e.g., "How Single Mom Turned 5 Minutes Into $88,587 Per Month!")
Enter the name of 3 products or services that compete with your offer: 

Results display below

To keep a permanent copy of the headlines:

  1. Click inside the text box below

  2. Select All (Control-A)

  3. Copy (Control-C)

  4. Paste into a text editor (Control-V)

  5. Save the document (Control-S)


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