How To Make $9330 Per Month With The GAP ... The "GDI Accelerator Program" To Build Your GDI Downline Fast!

Do You Need Money?

In the next few minutes, I'm going to show you the best way to solve your money problems once and for all. 

I'll show you how to build a stable monthly income of $9,330 (or more) quick and easy using a proven GDI downline builder system very similar to the one I use to build my Trafficwave downline to over 600 members in less than 6 months!

Plus, I'll show you how to get at least 6 members in your GDI downline absolutely free!

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Please don't confuse the GDI Accelerator Program (a.k.a., The GAP) with other GDI downline builder teams you may have seen ...

The GAP is different!

Our free GDI team elite approach will build your income to $9,330 per month ... which I will prove to you in a few minutes.

GDI Team Elite helps you build your GDI downline

And it's currently taking about 6 to 16 weeks to get your 6 free GDI downline members ... and I will show you how to meet the program requirements on complete autopilot.

But the GDI Accelerator Program (the "GAP") is much more than a team, and it will help you reach your goals even faster.

So ... Do You Need Money?

Of course you do ... Everybody needs money.

Perhaps a better question is ... Why do you need more money?

Do you need money to pay your bills?

To buy a home?

Do you need money for a new home?

To send your kids to college?

Let the GDI Accelerator Program send your kids to college

To take a vacation?

Members of the GAP spend time on the beach

To quit your job or retire?

This GDI downline builder will let your retire in style

Or simply so you can stop worrying about paying the bills and keeping your job!

Get peach of mind with the GAP & GDI Team Elite

You Need to experience the complete peace of mind that comes from solving all your money problems.

Even if you have a great job making lots of money ... With the current state of the world economy ...

The GDI Accelerator Program puts cash in your piggy bank

Everyone needs a backup source of money.

What will happen to you and your family if you lose Your job?

Regardless of how much money you need or why ...

$9330 per month ... is probably enough to solve all your money problems.  And if that's not enough ... I'll show you how to make $111,110 per month with 1 simple change.

And if that's still not enough ... 

Do you need money? Get is now with the GAP.It's a pretty good start.

Solving All Your Money Problems

In a moment, I'll explain exactly how the GDI Accelerator Program works ...

And how it can actually make you a Lot more than $9330 per month ...

And I'll prove it will work for you!

But first ...

Imagine for a moment, you are making just $50,000 per month right now ... or $10,000 ... or even just $2,000 per month ...

Would that change some things in your life?

Members of the GAP and GDI Team Elite have choices

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Did You Know ...

How long do you have to wait without the GAP?Just $4,200 per month is more than the total household income for half of all American families in 2006?

And the GAP GDI downline builder program will make you more than twice that as a spare-time income.

I'm going to show you how the GAP is the best way to get rich ... if you're too busy working to make money ... 

But I'll also show you what you can do to build your income streams a LOT faster ... 

But you have to decide how long you're willing to wait.

There's More To The GAP Than Just The GDI Downline Builder!

Have you heard of GDI before?

GDI stands for Global Domains International. GDI has several products & services, but their primary service is web hosting. 

When you join GDI, you'll get your own website ... Free for 7 days ... & then just $10 per month.

You can put whatever you want on your website. But in the beginning, I'll give you a simple, step-by-step directions on how to set it up in less than 10 minutes.

But GDI is different than most all the other web hosting services.

With GDI ... You can make money by referring new customers. In fact, you will get a commission every month ... For as long as your customers stay with GDI.

GDI uses the Network Marketing business model where you make monthly commissions on each person you sponsor and anyone your referrals sponsor ... 5 levels deep. 

Here's how you will make $9330 per month ...

Click this link to open our GDI Income Calculator

Assume you sponsor 6 people on your first level ... and each of those sponsor 6 and so on for 5 levels ...

If you enter 6 in the first cell on the left and 6 in the 3rd cell on the left & then click the big orange button on the right, you will see up top that your monthly income will be $9330!

But Here's The Really Cool Part!!

If you simply join GDI ... you have to figure out how to do all the work yourself without really knowing it's going to work ...

  • You have to figure out how GDI works ...
  • You have to set up your GDI account ...
  • You have to design your own marketing materials ...
  • Design your own marketing system ...
  • You have to do your own recruiting ...
  • Build your own website ...
  • Pay for & do all your own marketing ...
  • And support your downline all by yourself.

But I have designed the GDI Accelerator Program so you don't have to do any of that ... and the system will build your GDI income for you automatically!

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Have You Been In GDI Before?

Have you been in GDI before?GDI is an extremely popular program ...

Chances are you've been in GDI before ... or you might even be in GDI now. 

But a lot of people get in GDI, and a LOT of people get out!

Want to know why?

The reason most people don't succeed with GDI is ... Because everybody's doing the same thing!

Think about it ... If you have 100,000 people all promoting the same sales pages with the same videos're lucky if you pick up a referral or 2 over months of marketing!

Now there is an organization out there that IS doing something different ...

The GDI Team Elite guarantees you 6 Free downline members ...

So I joined GDI Team  Elite ... And you know what happened?

Get 6 downline members free from GDI Team Elite

I was too busy to work my GDI downline ... 

Yea, I was too busy building my Trafficwave downline to nearly 700 members in under 7 months ...

But I set up my marketing for my GDI Team Elite splash pages so it was 100% automatic ... on complete autopilot ... & I'll show you how to do the same.

It was quick & easy ... and I completely ignored it for about 3 months

And the GDI Team Elite Really Did give me my Free GDI downline members! 

Frankly, I was amazed; I never had any such promises fulfilled before!

But With The GAP, You'll Get Much More Than GDI Team Elite!

You see ... even with GDI Team Elite, there's a fair amount of competition ...

But the GAP is unique!

It's a comprehensive, automated program that absolutely will build your GDI downline for you ... and No One Else Is Doing This!!

That's right! ... Nobody else offers anything like the GAP GDI downline builder!

The GAP is nearly identical to the system I used to sponsor almost 700 people in 7 months in Trafficwave!

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The GDI Team Elite 6x6 Program

First, let's talk about our team ... And then we will discuss the GAP.

We have a special team called, GDI Team Elite, that will help you build your team with the Free "6x6 Program" (i.e., the "6 by 6 program").

In fact, the GDI Team Elite will sponsor your fist 6 people for you ... And then we'll help your 6 sponsor their first 6 ... and so on 6 levels deep.

"6 Wide & 6 Deep" is why I call the GDI Team Elite's approach the "6x6 Program".

It's 100% Free to join GDI Team Elite. There are no fees to join or to stay in ... it's truly 100% free.

When you join the GDI Team Elite, you will get banner ads, squeeze pages, email ads, and a marketing plan that will sponsor your first 6 people in 6 to 16 weeks ... Depending on how much you're willing to work.

See, you can't join the GDI Team Elite and then site back while the team does all the work. 

But the work is easy and you'll know it really works, because it's already worked for 100's of people ... 

AND I'll show you how to meet the GDI Team Elite requirements of 1,000 hits on your GDI link quickly, easily, and automatically!

Plus, you won't have to do any of that long list of stuff I mentioned above.

The GDI Team Elite 6x6 Plan Really Works!

It's Free ... and it save you a LOT of work. 

But how would you like to take a quantum leap beyond the GDI Team Elite?

What if you could get Serious PAID marketing to build your network and income even faster?

A program that Does let you sit back and wait for your income to grow?

That's exactly what the GDI Accelerator Program (a.k.a., The GAP) does for you.

The GDI Accelerator Program Makes the GDI Team Elite "6x6 Program" Even Better!

The Internet is famous for free marketing ... And it's true!

You Can get loads of marketing online for free ... The 6x6 program uses a small niche segment of free marketing, and it works well.

But if you want faster results, you need to use Paid marketing and other forms of Free marketing too.

For example ... with the 6x6 program, we're currently getting your first 6 recruits in 6 to 16 weeks. As I mentioned, I created my own system for a different online network marketing program, called the TWMMS, that recruited 314 people in less than 4 months 691 people in 7 months … And I’m still getting several new members every day.

And I didn’t even have the help of the GDI Elite team!

It grew so fast, I had to split the shares 4-for-1 before the end of the 4th month to make room for more members! The GAP is an very similar program to build your income with GDI.

In a moment, I’m going to show you how the GDI Accelerator Program works. In fact, I’ll prove it to you right here, right now, and it won’t cost you a penny. 

But first, here’s a quick summary of what this program offers:


  • You don’t need to know anything about computers or selling.
  • There is no inventory, no handling or shipping products, no collecting payments, and no writing checks.
  • You never have to buy or accumulate any products.
  • There are no hidden expenses or fees.
  • There are no employee or management responsibilities.
  • A complete novice with zero business experience and zero Internet experience can set it up and operate in less than 10 minutes. … I’ll show you how. 
  • If you can fill in a simple form and click “Submit”, you can do this money making system.
  • Your costs will not rise as your income grows … in fact, your costs won’t rise … period.
  • There is a “Premium” upgrade option, but you don’t need it for now
  • And you can upgrade later to increase your income if you wish.
  • And … Make sure you get in before our next emailing to 200,000 people looking for new opportunities! … Seriously, don’t miss this.

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In a moment, I’ll explain to you exactly how the GDI Accelerator Program works … and then you can decide if you can afford to skip this opportunity or not … 

But first let’s explore why this program literally can’t fail …

The GDI opportunity will cost you $10 per month ... That’s less than 35 cents/day

You can invest more to make more later … but it’s just not necessary right now.

This tiny fee gets you 

  • Your own website … 
  • Your own income system … 
  • And membership in the GDI Elite 6x6 Program
  • All the free “GDI Elite” marketing materials, marketing plan, and help building your downline & GDI income.
  • If that’s all you want right now, that’s great. I’ll show you how to get started shortly.

But if you want faster results … 

If you want to harvest the power of massive Paid & Free marketing for an incredibly low price, here’s what the GDI Accelerator Program will do for you

Get All This With The GAP!

  • First, I’m going to effectively give you a turn-key copy of my entire system (which you will have to do absolutely nothing to set it up)
  • You will get free splash pages & home pages encoded to build your GDI income.
  • You will get a Free lifetime membership to the Traffic Generation Club … so you can learn Insider Secrets of getting more & more customers to your websites for free.
  • You will get powerful, proven Free & Paid advertising every month for a tiny fee. 
  • Plus, if you sign up for the GAP today, I’ll throw in some more valuable bonuses we’ll discuss shortly … including an additional 100% Free income stream!

How You Will Make $9,330 Per Month From The GDI Program

Have you noticed most of the income offers on the Internet today dwell on what you get, but they don’t really tell you what it is or how it works … until after you buy the product or service?

Well, I’m not going to do that. I’m going to tell you exactly what the program is, how it works, what you get, and exactly what you need to do … as well as what it will do for you. 

The income plan for GDI follows the network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) model with some really powerful features I’ll explain in a moment. 

But first …

The problem with MLM is ...

You normally have to recruit friends and family ... make phone calls to people you don’t know ... inventory and sell products ... buy a quota amount of products for yourself ... nurture the egos of people in your downline ... pick up and distribute products ... pay shipping ... write commission checks to your downline ... collect payments from your customers ... and lots more … 


To make the MLM Model even less enticing … 

As you advance to higher levels, you often have to buy more over-priced products for yourself to qualify to keep getting your commission checks!

You’ve probably heard of people with a garage full of products they can’t sell & will never use … 

It’s all true ... and it can’t happen here! 

I’ve done traditional MLM … Amway, Melaleuca, Primerica, USANA … 

They’re all great programs & they work! … But they’re NOT fun! … 

At least not for me.

Fortunately, with GDI, you don’t have to do any of that!

Actually, you Can buy leads from GDI & call prospects if you want, but I can’t imagine why you would want to work that hard … unless you just love talking to people on the phone.

There are no physical products to sell; there is only the GDI service & online products. It’s on the web, and it’s completely self service … with a great support system if you need help with something. 

GDI collects all the money, delivers the service, & send you the checks.

By the way, GDI can help you with their service only; they are not involved with the GDI Elite team or the GDI Accelerator Program.

And my GDI Accelerator Program is not available anywhere else; if you want it … you gotta get it here.

As I mentioned, with GDI, your costs are fixed at $10 per month (unless you choose GDI’s premium service) … 

You don’t have to buy any products … and you can fully automate your recruiting … In fact, I already have!! 

The Hard Part

The tough part of any MLM program is “building your downline” (a.k.a., “recruiting”) … 

And the hard part of using your GDI service is figuring out what to do first. 

Fortunately, I have already taken care of both of those problems for you. 

When you join my team, you will get a turn-key solution for building your GDI network.

An extremely powerful advertising system and website is already set up for you. This system lets you offer all your recruits the exact same benefits you will get.

In other words, in just a few minutes, your GAP recruiting engine will be set up and producing results for you.

The GDI program is very popular …

Get on any Traffic Exchange for a half hour or so, & you’ll see at least 1 offer for GDI

So … what makes one sponsor different from another?

The difference is the Team and the System!

Consider this:

Would you rather join GDI under someone using the standard sign-up page where you have no indication you’ll ever get any help …

Or would you rather join a team with proven results & a Free system?

Or … would you rather join a system with a proven team AND a serious marketing system … both Paid & Free marketing … already producing results like 314 sign-ups in less than 4 months?

Click here to join now

I know what you are thinking though … What’s the catch?

And you’re right, there is a catch …

The “catch” with any online income opportunity is you have to get traffic to your website.

There’s always a catch isn’t there?

Well, I’ve fixed the traffic & recruiting problem too. 

The GAP includes membership in my targeted advertising co-op … 

And if you join us today … 

You’ll make it into my upcoming “1.5M Emailing” where I’ll be sending an email to 1,500,000 people interested in making money online inviting them to join the GDI Accelerator Program.

This is NOT a “safelist” submission … this is a purchased emailing to 1.5M active subscribers who have recently indicated an interest in making money online … and I’m doing this every month!

Plus, I will eventually add offline advertising such as classified ads in 1 Million newspapers & “Space Ads” in 6 Home Business magazines.

I’m already doing this for my TWMMS.

But if you want the GDI Elite Team working for you, you’re going to have to do some work too …

There’s no getting around that …

But the work is easy & only takes ~30 minutes per day … or a couple hours per week … You can even do it while watching TV ...

But I know a secret …

A secret I discovered from my downline in the other program I created …

I can show you how to get 1,000’s & 1,000’s of Traffic Credits on 110 Traffic Exchanges (or more) without all the clicking. 

In fact, you don’t even have to log in to a single Traffic Exchange once you have set it up if you don’t want to.

And if you join the GAP today … I’ll show you my secret for free.

Plus, I’ll give you a FREE Lifetime Membership to the Traffic Generation Club

Where you’ll get loads of special reports, ebooks, audios, videos, and Insider Secrets from the industry experts themselves … 

All focused on getting free traffic to your GDI web pages …

And All 100% Free.

Now, the picture below is an illustration of how the GDI Accelerator Program. If you want an illustration of how it works, watch the free video at the top of this page. But here are the basics ... in a nutshell ...

On the left we have both free & paid marketing advertising the GAP home pages funded by the GAP ad co-op. When new prospects visit the home page and decide they want a powerful new income, they click on the "Step 1" button which takes them to the GDI referral web page for the next GAP member on the list. The new member then clicks on the "Step 2" button and joins the GAP ad co-op. This provides more funding to cycle back into additional marketing, and the whole system grows and grows with new members.

Now I Need To Ask You A Question ...

How much extra income do you really need?

No really … think about “why” you want extra income. We talked about this a bit already …

Do you need money to pay the bills, buy a home, cover college costs, retire, help your church or favorite charity, to help your kids have a better start in life …

Or just for the peace of mind that comes only from knowing you will never run out of money?

Think about “why” you need the money & then figure out “How Much” money you need.

I know $9,330 per month would probably cover what you need … but in the short-term, would just $500/month … $1,000/month of extra income make a difference in your life?

What is your dream that makes it worth investing $10 per month?

Whatever Your Dream Income Is ...

If you don’t do this program, how are you going to make that money?

How much time and money will it take to build that kind of income using any other way?

Are you going to get a second job? 

How many extra hours per week can you work?

Are you going to start your own “Brick & Mortar” business?

How much will that cost just to rent the building, stock it with products and employees, get licenses, etc.?

I’m not here to dash your dreams or change your plans … 

If you want a second job, go for it … 

But why not do both? 

I mean … if you have to get a second job just so you can afford this program, then get a second job!

You won’t need it for very long …

And if you have time for a 2nd job, you have time for both …

Because this program takes very little time once you set it up … and “set up” takes less than 10 minutes.

And if you want the GDI Elite Team’s help, you only need to invest about a half hour per day … & you can do it while you watch TV … or you can set that up to be automatic too.

Don’t look at this as your only option … or a “get rich quick” opportunity …

Look at this program as a long-term investment of less than 35 cents per day 

Even when you add in the cost of the GAP, it costs you way less than your daily trip to Starbucks!!!

And it’s an investment that can easily pay you a 4 or 5-figure income Per Month!

Now … if $9,330 per month is not enough, then check this out … 

GDI offers what they call their “Infinity Override” bonus where you get commissions … On an Infinite # of levels below you.

Think about that for a moment!

Want to know what you have to do to qualify?

All you have to do is sponsor 10 people directly below you and 10 people for each of those people. 

Now the GDI Elite Team will help you build the 6x6 $9,330/month plan …

But the GAP will build the 10x10 infinity override plan for you! 

Let’s look at what the “10x10” plan will do for you …

Click here for the GDI Income Calculator.

Enter 10 in the top field on the left & then 10 on the 3rd field on the left.

So that’s $111,110/month … for just the first 6 levels.

Remember if you just get 10x10 on levels 1 & 2, you get commissions infinite levels deep!

Obviously, that will take awhile to create, but still …

Now, the Infinity Override is what the GAP is shooting for. When you have 10 people on your Level 1, your GDI link will be removed from the system so we can concentrate on building your downline’s downline. 

But here’s why you should still remain a subscriber even when you get 10 on your Level 1 …

Most of the money used for the GAP is used to pay for “Paid Advertising” … and your downline will still be growing even though your Level 1 will be full … and with the Infinity Override, there is no limit … your income will continue to grow as long as your downline grows.

Click here to join now

So, here is how to get started …

2 Easy Steps To Set Up Your Cash Machine

Step 1: Click the “Step 1” link at the bottom of this web page and join GDI – You get the first 7 days for free, but then you have to pay just $10 per month to stay in the program.  I can’t do anything about that; it’s GDI’s requirement, & they are completely independent of us.

Step 2: Fill in the form for “Step 2”, and join my “Members Only” GDI Accelerator Program Ad Co-op (i.e., The GAP). 

NOTICE:  The payment is just $7 per month.

Also the GDI Elite program is no longer offering the 6 Free sign-ups option. They now offer a new program called "GDI In a Can".

Your Future Starts Now ... Don't Wait!

Just complete 2 simple steps & you'll be on your way to a new life ...

STEP 1 For 7 Days & Then Just $10/month (Click the "Sign Up Now Free" button).
NOTE: After you join GDI, complete Step 2 below.

STEP 2Click here to join the GAP!