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Why Affiliate Marketing Is Not The (Complete) Answer

Turn all affiliate income opportunities into residual incomeWould you rather sell something once and make a one-time commission . . . or

Would you rather sell something once and continue getting paid month after month?

Given a choice, I am betting you would rather have the recurring residual income every month, because the idea of doing the work once and getting paid over and over is very attractive.

But what if you could get both . . . with no extra work? . . .

Even better, what if hundreds of other people lined up to build your monthly income for you . . . for free?

Well, you can . . .  and it is actually very easy . . . and I am going to show you how in this video!

This video is organized into 4 parts . . . each conveying valuable concepts of this revolutionary approach.

  • Part 1 reveals why traditional affiliate marketing is NOT the right answer.

  • Part 2 reveals how to get hundreds of affiliate marketers and vendors to build your monthly income automatically regardless of which affiliate income opportunities you pursue.

  • Part 3 explains why they will do it even if you never sell, recruit, or create anything.

  • Part 4 shows you how you can make it happen for free.

So, why should you focus on your monthly income rather than lots of one-time sales?

Well, that is what most of the big companies do, right? . . .

The Affiliate Income Revolution (AIR) turns affiliate programs into monthly incomeThink about this . . . AT&T and Verizon want to sell you a phone and get on-going payments from you month after month.

Your cable company wants to do the same thing.

Even Walmart sells you a one-time purchase really cheap so you come back over and over, right? 

Your local car salesman sells you the car, and the service departments and gas stations make money from you over and over.

Affiliate Marketing is pretty much the same thing except you are selling a product you did not create in exchange for a commission. Most affiliate sales get you one-time commissions, but some will generate monthly commissions as long as the customer keeps buying the service.

Affiliate Income RevolutionSo why are you not selling things that generate monthly commissions? . . .

Maybe you are not aware of affiliate marketing, or maybe you figured out it is not as easy to get people to buy something they have to pay for month after month.

But what if you could build a monthly income selling affiliate products even if you only get a one-time commission? . . .

What if you could build your monthly income when you give away free stuff to build your email list?

Better yet, what if your monthly income would grow as hundreds or thousands of other affiliate marketers sold products and services or gave away stuff to build their email list?

That would be really awesome . . . right?

This is NOT a dream . . . I figured out how to do it!

My name is Dr. Bryan Stoker, and I am going to show you how to do it for free in this video.

And it is super easy to set it up. It will only take you a few minutes to get it going? I believe it is going to revolutionize affiliate marketing which is why I call it the Affiliate Income Revolution (AIR)!

But before I show you how to do it, I need to make sure we start out with the same understanding . . .

Do you know what affiliate marketing is? . . .

Affiliate Marketing is a really easy way to do business online. Affiliate income opportunities let you earn a commission by promoting products and services created by someone else. Commissions range from 4% for selling Amazon products to as high as 75% on many information products like ebooks, videos, and software.

I have included a free copy of my comprehensive report, Affiliate Marketing Made Easy, in the free AIR Builder download package so you can fully understand how affiliate marketing works and how to do it.

If you have a poduct and get affiliates to promote it, then you are a Vendor and you can easily generate thousands or tens of thousands of dollars fast. And if you do not have a product, you can become an affiliate and start promoting and earning commissions in minutes.

Did you know . . .

  • $20 Billion in sales have been generated using affiliate marketing

  • Amazon alone has over 900,000 affiliates worldwide, and

  • 75 out of 100 online retailers have an affiliate program.

But, if you have ever tried affiliate marketing, you probably figured out pretty quick there are a few problems.

The biggest challenge is it is so easy to become an affiliate, there is a lot of competition (remember I said Amazon has 900,000 affiliates all by itself?), and it can be tough to make enough money to really make a difference. I mean . . .

If you make a $20 sale once a week, will that really change your life? . . .

If you sell a $100 product on Amazon and get a 4% commission, you just made $4. Congratulations! That is almost enough to go to McDonalds for lunch . . . if you do not take anyone with you.

The other big problem is affiliate marketing is it is not a self-sustaining business model.

Assume you promote an affiliate product and sell a hundred ebooks, courses, or even Amazon products this month . . . we will assume you made $2,000 or so.

Next month, you have to do it all over again to keep your income coming in.

Is that really any different than your job? Of course, your real goal is to set up a campaign or funnel where people just keep going through your funnel and buying stuff month after month, but that requires some kind of persistent marketing too.

And what happens to your income if the vendor goes out of business?

Works for all affiliate income opportunitiesBut what if you could get hundreds of affiliate marketers to build your monthly residual income as they promote affiliate products? . . .

Not products you create, and not affiliates you recruit . . .

I mean products you do not create, promote, or even know exist . . . sold by people you never heard of? . . .

Can you imagine where you would live, what you could drive, where you could go if your income rose by $1 per month for each product sold by thousands of affiliate marketers?

Now . . .

  • I am not talking about you getting some of the affiliate marketers commissions

  • I am not talking about you recruiting affiliate marketers

  • I am not talking about you getting a one-time income per product sold.

  • And I am not talking about you selling anything . . . or even advertising or marketing anything.

You can do all that of course, but what I am talking about is you getting $1 month after month automatically for products sold by other people . . . hundreds of other people you do not know. . . and thousands of sales you know nothing about.

Consider this . . . If you were an affiliate marketer and you knew you would get your commission for each sale AND build a recurring monthly income with absolutely no additional effort on your part . . . on ANY affiliate product (even those only offering a one-time commission) . . . would that be worth learning more about the Affiliate Income Revolution?

Instead of working hard to sell $5,000 worth of stuff this month and only making $200 to $3,700 in commissions . . . where you have to do it all over again next month to keep your income flowing . . . you simultaneously add $100 to your monthly income from your sales as well . . .  That means if your monthly income is $100 the first month and you did the same thing again next month, your monthly income grows to $200; in month #3, it is $300; and so on. 

But that is not all . . . with the Affiliate Income Revolution, your income grows based on sales made by other affiliate marketers too! Not someone you recruit to be an affiliate marketer; it could be anyone doing affiliate marketing!

You would not even have to be all that successful on any particular campaign; your income still grows based on lots of other affiliates.

But what if you did launch your own product?

When you add AIR to your campaigns, you still make money from your sales like normal, AND you build your monthly income automatically. BUT now you are also a Vendor where hundreds or thousands of other affiliate marketers promote your product for you . . .

You not only get revenue from their sales, but you also get a recurring monthly income with no extra effort even those affiliates do not even know they are building your monthly income!

This is like building your own affiliate-sponsored pension plan except you do not have to work 30 years and retire to start getting paid; you can build a life-changing residual income that starts NOW, and then quit working if and when you want to.

Tell me more ...But you do not have to be an affiliate marketer or a product vendor to take advantage of the Affiliate Income Revolution.

You can jump on for what I call the Free Ride, and just let everyone else do the work.

Your income will, of course, grow MUCH faster if you take action too . . .

And I will show you shortly what that means . . . but the point is you do not have to do anything, and you do not even have to be successful in your own campaigns.  The work of the masses will carry you through.

You will benefit from their work, and they will benefit from yours.

Would you rather get 100% of the profit from 100% of your own work . . . or would you rather get 1% of the profit from the work of hundreds of others?

The Affiliate Income Revolution adds the power of crowd sourcing to nearly all affiliate income opportunities.

AIR crowdsources your residual incomeBut what if you did not even have to sell anything to build your monthly income?

What if you (or other online marketers) were simply giving away gifts (like ebooks and reports and software) . . . for example, to build your email list . . . and you simultaneously built your monthly income? 

You can do this with the Affiliate Income Revolution. It is easy!!

And I will show you how to do it in this video.

You can build your income with the Affiliate Income Revolution on CPA giveaways, when you give away free reports or software, and even on videos you post on YouTube or Vimeo . . .

You can start a blog, participate in forums, place free or paid ads, conduct webinars, or post podcasts, and simultaneously build your income. And again, it is not just you . . .

Your monthly income will grow as other people give stuff away, sell stuff, run their blogs, and post videos . . . You monthly income will even grow as I give stuff away and make sales.

So here are a few things the Affiliate Income Revolution will do for you:

  • It will automatically create your recurring monthly income as others sell affiliate products, offer their own campaigns, or give stuff away
  • You will get worldwide advertising you can use to promote anything you want
  • If you are a vendor, the Affiliate Income Revolution will make all your offers more valuable
  • If you are an affiliate marketer, you can offer this as a bonus and grow your monthly income

Build your monthly income faster with Lead ScienceAnd if you decide to promote some of my pre-built campaigns through the Online Success program, you can earn 75% commissions, build your monthly income, and build your email list with the Lead Science/AIR Builder option. Would you like to get paid to add 50 highly-targeted subscribers to your email list every day?


When you join the Affiliate Income Revolution, you will get all the tools and instructions you need to build your AIR campaigns for free . . .

In fact, you can get them now by clicking on the Free Download button below.

You will discover how to add the AIR benefits to any affiliate campaigns you promote . . . whether they are affiliate products or services, CPA offers, or giveaways . . .

You will discover how to add AIR to any of your own products or services you offer as a vendor . . . and you will discover how to promote the AIR directly. 

All this is 100% free.

In fact, the Free AIR Builder Download package has all that in it. You can click the button below and download it now; you do not even have to register. Just take it, and use it. The actual program to earn commissions, however, requires $1 to join. So let us talk about exactly what it is and how it works now in part 2.

What Exactly Is The Affiliate Income Revolution (AIR) & How Does It Work? . . .

What it is & How it works

The Affiliate Income Revolution is a way to build a recurring monthly residual income off all your affiliate marketing campaigns and product launches. You can even use it when you give away incentives to get new subscribers on your email marketing.

I will cover how to do that in just a moment, but the most important feature of the Affiliate Income Revolution is your income will grow automatically as other people promote affiliate products, CPA products, and their own product launches.

Add The Online Ad Network To Your Affiliate ProgramsTo build your monthly income off one-time sales you do not control obviously requires some kind of separate program . . . a program with some very special features we will cover shortly . . . and that program is called, The Online Ad Network or TOAN.

Before we get into the details of why The Online Ad Network is perfect for the Affiliate Income Revolution, I want to be very clear. . .

The Affiliate Income Revolution is not part of The Online Ad Network; the Affiliate Income Revolution is a way to use TOAN to build your recurring income on autopilot.

If you contact The Online Ad Network and start asking questions about the Affiliate Income Revolution, they are probably NOT going to know what you are talking about.

With that understood, the first thing I am going to do here is cover what TOAN is, how it works, and why it is absolutely PERFECT for the Affiliate Income Revolution. Then I will cover how the AIR works.

What Is The Online Ad Network?

The Online Ad Network is a program created by Brian Rooney, the founder of the Trafficwave autoresponder.

In my opinion, Trafficwave is the best autoresponder program out there, and it has been around for more than 15 years. It lets you build unlimited email campaigns, with unlimited emails per campaign, and unlimited subscribers for just $17.95 per month. It also includes a nice referral bonus system where you earn monthly commissions for each referral.

I built a marketing system to help get referrals for Trafficwave. The only challenge with the Trafficwave commission system is you have to have at least 1 personal referral to earn commissions and at least 10 personal referrals to earn the full commission potential. But that was not really a problem for my marketing system, because it generated personal referrals for its members.

So as I said, Brian created Trafficwave, and then he created TOAN.

The cool thing is The Online Ad Network uses the same referral monthly commission structure as Trafficwave, but you do not have to make any personal referrals.

With The Online Ad Network, you can have 3 referrals assigned directly to you, and each of them can have 3 assigned to them, and so on and you receive monthly commissions for 10 levels below you . . . even if you never refer anyone yourself.

So what happens if you refer 4 people?  . . .

Well, the first 3 referrals are placed automatically on your Level 1; they are assigned directly to you. You do not have to do anything to service those people; you just get a monthly commission for referring them, and the commission on the first level is high enough to fully cover your monthly cost to be in TOAN.

The 4th person you refer is assigned to someone on your Level 1. That means he is on your Level 2.

If you referred a total of 13 people, the first 3 would be on your Level 1, the next 9 would be on your Level 2, and the 13th person would go on your Level 3. And you earn monthly commissions on all these memberships every month. Likewise, the people on your Level 1 earn commissions on their Level 1 members (i.e., your level 2). And as I said, you earn commissions for 10 levels below you . . . even if you did not refer ANY of them!

That is where TOAN is tremendously different from Trafficwave.

If I refer you to The Online Ad Network, and you join my level 1 . . . and then I refer another 100 people and you refer absolutely no one, you will still earn a monthly commission on everyone on your first 10 levels.

This is a key point you MUST understand to fully understand the power of the AIR, so let me say it again . . .

You do not have to refer anyone ever to The Online Ad Network, and you will still earn a monthly passive income on every person on the 10 levels below you.

When I refer people placed below you, that is called spillover. Even if you never referred anyone to join TOAN, you will get people in your referral network through spillover from me and the people who referred me. Furthermore, your referral network will grow as people under you refer other people.


Do you see why this is a BIG deal? . . .

If you can not refer anyone and do not know how to promote, you can still make money month after month!

Of course, everyone benefits if you do refer new members, so you should at least try, and I can help you with that in the AIR Builder program.

By the way, if you actually filled every position in the referral network below you, you would be earning $88,589 . . . Per Month! . . . Now, a couple thousand dollars of affiliate sales commissions per month might not change your life much . . . but if you ALSO earned $88,589 month after month, would that make a difference in your life? 

Can you see yourself receiving an extra check for $80,000 each month? . . .

What is the first thing you would change if you had that kind of side income?

If you have seen the presentation by Adrian Morrison, you may remember he points out if you are successful as an affiliate marketer . . . you could make $200K one month and zero the next if the Vendor decides to discontinue the product.

This has happened to him, and I have had affiliate and CPA vendors cancel campaigns I was promoting as well.

One of the risks of all affiliate income opportunities is you are not in control of the future of your business.

This simple concept is the key to this new business approach . . .

But consider this . . . if you are promoting a business owned by someone else through affiliate income opportunities in conjunction with the Affiliate Income Revolution . . . you still have a growing monthly income if the Vendor drops the product or service you have been promoting.

It just makes sense to do this.

Do you want a stable and increasing stream of residual income in addition to your sales commissions? . . .

Now, please do not presume you are going to get $88K per month any time soon. In fact, no one has done it yet in TOAN, but when I show you how the AIR works, I think you will see why I think it is downright likely that people in the AIR will be the first to do it; you might even be the first! . . .

Incidentally, you CAN make more than that per month . . . you can even make double commissions on every person in your referral network if you want. I will show you how to do that in the Free AIR Builder download package.

By the way, $88K is just the monthly income aspect of The Online Ad Network. You can also qualify for bonuses ranging from $100 to $50,000 as you fill your various levels, but let me ask you a question . . .

How much income will really make a difference in your life?

What is the first thing you do with an extra $500 per month?

If you had an extra $500 per month, would you have more fun . . . maybe go out to eat, catch a movie, or visit an amusement park?

Turn affiliate programs into monthly residual incomeWould an extra $1,000 or so cover your mortgage, a new car, or maybe college for you or your kids?

If you had a side income of $5000 to $10,000 per month, would you upgrade your home or get a new one . . . or maybe you would quit your job or retire?

One of the requirements to be a legal, legitimate opportunity, The Online Ad Network MUST offer some kind of real product or service. So what do you get as a member of The Online Ad Network?

As you might have guessed from the name, The Online Ad Network provides you an advertising service . . . which makes it PERFECT for affiliate marketers!

With TOAN, you get unlimited worldwide advertising.

You can place up to 50 banner ads every month and get thousands of impressions for each ad, and you also get unlimited text ads. The more ads you enter, the more impressions you get . . . So load them up!

And if you do not have any ads or anything to advertise, the free download package includes ads for the AIR program and lots of other great products that pay out 75% immediate commissions. Click Through Rates (CTR) in TOAN depend on your ad design, of course, but Click-Through Rates as high as 50% have been recorded.

Now, I want to make sure you also understand this is NOT a banner ad exchange. You do not have to look at ads, surf web pages, display ads on your web sites, or deal with pop-up ads. There are no scrolling banners, streams of email ads, or anything like that. You just load as many of your banner and text ads as you want, and let them run. The more you load, the more impressions you get. And these are real people looking at your ads, and they are NOT paid to click or look at them.

All this unlimited advertising is why The Online Ad Network is growing fast. I have been a member for more than 3 years, and I have received checks above my monthly fee every month since I joined . . . and that was before I created the Affiliate Income Revolution.

Look at these charts and testimonials about The Online Ad Network.

Alexa.com is a system that rates the popularity of web sites, and on Alexa.com, a lower number means the site is more popular. From the graph here, you can see the Alexa ranking for TOAN has improved from about 700K to around 200K in just the past 6 months. This means the ads are getting better and better distribution.

The Online Ad Network (TOAN) Statistics

The next chart shows how we are getting up to 50,000 impressions per month. In fact, Louis Paquette says, A month ago my ads were getting 15,000 impressions per day. Now they are getting 45,000! My ads are getting viewed 3 times as much as they were just a month ago.

Louis also says, In January, my ads got clicked 76 times. Now they are getting 700 to 1300 clicks . . . A 10-fold increase!

You do NOT want to miss this opportunity! Where else are you going to get unlimited worldwide ads AND automatically build a huge monthly income completely on autopilot?

Now, you may be concerned about a few things, so let us address those before we move onto how the Affiliate Income Revolution works . . .

The first thing you are probably concerned about is the cost . . . As I mentioned earlier, you get the Affiliate Income Revolution marketing system FREE. In fact, you can download it now by clicking the Download Now button below the video. This package explains everything, and gives you all the tools you need.

The Online Ad Network, however, is NOT free. It costs $1 to start and then it is $19.95 per month. That is a fixed cost to get the worldwide advertising service, but do you remember I said . . . the commission on your first level is high enough to cover your monthly cost? . . .

That is because the commission is higher on your level 1. All you need is 3 referrals, and your commissions will cover your monthly cost which makes your worldwide advertising . . . and the opportunity to automatically build a monthly income . . . effectively free! . . . So remember, Get 3 and yours is free! This is your first goal.

The next concern you may have is the referral network itself.

The way you get commissions with TOAN is very similar to Multi-Level Marketing or MLM. But this is not MLM. Technically speaking, it is referral marketing which is very similar in that you can make big commissions as others join the network.

Both MLM and referral marketing are completely legal as long as you are selling real value, as long as your entire model is based on selling a viable product or service, not based purely on recruiting, and you do not promise or imply specific profit results.

So let us briefly discuss each of these points . . .

First, the difference between MLM and referral marketing is MLM consists of a sponsor who gets your products and delivers them to you, and you in turn deliver products to your customers. With The Online Ad Network, you will not take any orders, deliver or handle any products, have to meet any monthly quotas, or write any checks.

I have been in several MLM programs including Amway, Melaleuca, Primerica, and others, and I have hit the Direct level in some of them; they are a lot of work, take a lot of time, and I always felt like I was stalking people to recruit them. You will not do any of that with this program. You can, of course, tell others and directly promote the program if you want, but as you will soon see, the AIR system does everything for you.

Are we talking about a real product or service here? . . . The Online Ad Network delivers unlimited advertising directly to you and your customers. If you are into affiliate marketing, I am sure you recognize online advertising is a real product or service. Some of the largest businesses in the world . . . including Facebook and Google . . . are built on advertising services. . . .

And thousands of impressions per ad with CTRs up to 50% from real people is real value. The Online Ad Network is all about delivering this service, not recruiting. 

Do you think unlimited online advertising is worth $20 per month? 

Finally, I am also not promising you a specific amount of income; I am merely showing you the maximum possible income based on the structure of the system. I believe the Affiliate Income Revolution is going to super charge your future income, but there are no guarantees or promises about that.

In fact, you will not get paid by the AIR program. You get all your commissions from The Online Ad Network and any sales you make.

And I am giving you the AIR system for free, so why would you need a guarantee anyway?

So those are the 3 key legal points, and as I mentioned before, The Online Ad Network was created by Brian Rooney, the founder of the Trafficwave autoresponder. TOAN has been in existence for more than 3 years, and Trafficwave has been in operation for more than 15 years. If there were anything illegal about this, it would have been shut down years ago.

Oh, one other thing that may concern you . . .

In some of the MLM programs I mentioned, once you hit a certain level (typically the Direct level), your monthly quota of personal expenditure increases.

That is NOT the case here.

Your cost is fixed at $19.95 per month . . . that is less than 70 cents per day . . . for your advertising service. It does not go up as you grow. And as I mentioned, once you get 3 . . . whether you sponsor them or get them through spillover . . . your commission is greater than $19.95 . . . so when you get 3, yours is free.

If you are concerned about the financial stability of TOAN . . .

I can tell you I have been paid every month since I joined TOAN over 3 years ago, and I have been receiving checks for $100s in Trafficwave since I started my marketing system for it in 2012; I was using Trafficwave for over 10 years before I created my marketing system, but I just used it for the unlimited, fixed-price autoresponder service until January 2012 when I started marketing it.  These online services are stable; Brian knows what he is doing.

In fact, let me give you a little insight into who you are dealing with here.

A few years ago, the checks I received from Trafficwave one month bounced, and I incurred fees for the bounced checks from my bank. I contacted the Trafficwave customer support, and I got a response directly from Brian Rooney. He told me their payment system was hacked, and they had to change bank accounts. He asked me to send him a copy of the bounced check fee my bank charged me. Then he sent me a replacement check for the commission AND the bounced check fee . . . And in case you were wondering, that check went through just fine.

You might also be uncomfortable with the $19.95 monthly fee. If that is the case, then you may not want to join TOAN. You might get 3 referrals really quick and never pay anything out of your own pocket (like I did). But you might also pay $19.95 per month for a while. If you do not think unlimited banner ads and text ads with 10s of 1000s of impressions is worth $20 a month, then you probably should not buy TOAN.

On the other hand, you can use TOAN to promote anything you want including the Affiliate Income Revolution . . . I am including banner ads and text ads (and lots more ad creatives) on the affiliate resources page. So think about this carefully before you decide to dismiss it. Is the opportunity worth the price of going to dinner once a month?

Here is something else to think about regarding the cost to join The Online Ad Network. Trafficwave offers a free 30-day trial period. The Online Ad Network costs $1 for the trial period.

Do you think that is a mistake? . . .

I think it is not, and here is why . . .

I have had lots of referrals join the Trafficwave autoresponder service for the free trial, but if they do not come back and upgrade their account to paid status, they fall out. They lose their position, and you do not receive any commission for referring them either. Maybe they were lazy, or life got in the way and they simply forgot . . . or maybe they did not really believe they could do it . . .

Regardless, they had to take action again before anything happened.

With The Online Ad Network, your referrals have to invest $1 for the trial. If they are not willing to invest a dollar, they are not the kind of action-takers you want anyway. You want people who are motivated to make their life better . . . and they are willing to step out of their comfort zone and take a chance. 

If your prospect invests a dollar, he is in! He has to take action to get out! If he takes no action, he is still in, and he can start earning income. Once he starts earning income, he is going to stay in. As you will soon see, with the Affiliate Income Revolution, as soon as you get in, you are tapped into a growing network of marketers working to build your income. You and your referrals may very well earn commissions before you ever have to pay the monthly fee. In the AIR Builder package, you will also receive my Double Profits report that reveals how to double your monthly income and get 3 (or more) referrals as fast as possible . . . without bothering your friends and family.

Do you think you can do this? . . .

Do you think the combined efforts of hundreds or thousands of affiliate marketers and vendors can do this?

In a moment, I will show you how and why people not even in your network will do this . . . for you!

But what if you are already in TOAN? Can you use your current TOAN account in this campaign? The answer is no; not unless you previously joined TOAN in my referral network. To benefit from the Affiliate Income Revolution, you have to get your TOAN link by clicking the Join AIR button under this video or through an offer from someone in my network.

This is the only way you and your referrals will get spillover from my promotions and from 100s of other affiliates. If you try to use my system with your current TOAN account, it will not work! If you do manage to get a few referrals using the AIR system with your current account, they will eventually be very upset with you. 

This happened in my Trafficwave network . . . someone tried to use his current Trafficwave account in my marketing system. Then his referrals started contacting me about problems they were having. When they found out their sponsor was not part of my referral network and there was nothing I could do to help them, entire strings of referrals quit and re-joined in my network. Most of his referral network dried up and disappeared. It would have been much more profitable if he would have simply opened a new account.

If you are in TOAN and have an existing downline, I recommend you click the Join AIR button and open a new TOAN account. You are allowed to have more than one TOAN account; I started out with 4 plus one for each of my daughters. If you have a TOAN account with no referrals yet, then I recommend you open a new account using the Join AIR button; it is up to you whether you want to keep your current account or not.

Now that you understand what The Online Ad Network is and how you will earn money, let us talk about how the Affiliate Income Revolution works to automatically build your residual income in part 3.  

Why & How Would Other People Build Your Residual Income?

Take the Affiliate Income Revolution Lifestyle Now!

The Affiliate income Revolution is a way to automatically build a monthly income with your affiliate marketing campaigns, CPA campaigns, and giveaways . . . while hundreds or thousands of other affiliate marketers build your monthly income on autopilot.

It is all based on the unlimited worldwide advertising service offered by The Online Ad Network (or TOAN); that is where your income will come from. So let us cover how the Affiliate Income Revolution works.

The Affiliate Income Revolution works by showing other people how they can get unlimited advertising and build their monthly income on autopilot, and the way we do this is by inserting the AIR videos and web pages in your affiliate marketing sales funnel.

This is done differently if you are . . .

  1. Promoting your own product or service

  2. Promoting affiliate or CPA offers

  3. Running list building giveaway campaigns

  4. Promoting AIR directly.

I will show you HOW to do this for each case in the free AIR Builder download package.

Right now, I want to show you why the Affiliate Income Revolution gets hundreds of other affiliate marketers building your income and how they will do it.

As discussed in Part 2 of this video, the Affiliate Income Revolution is based on The Online Ad Network (TOAN); that is where your income checks come from, and TOAN does not require you to personally refer anyone to the network to qualify for commissions.

So even if you get all your referrals from me (through the concept called Spillover), you still qualify for 100% of your commissions. If you were one of the 3 people on my Level 1 and I sponsored 99 people, 33 of them would automatically go into your referral network. People are not placed manually; it is done automatically by the system to keep everything fair, fast, and reliable.

You will earn monthly recurring commissions on all 33 people and everyone they refer (up to 10 levels below you). And of course, anyone you refer with your TOAN ID will go into your referral network too.

So hopefully that is simple enough to understand. But what would happen if you refer people who join using my TOAN referral ID? . . .

Well, just like when I promote my link, some of them will go into your referral network, and some will go into other referral networks. While you might not like the idea of promoting something where sometimes someone else gets the referral, you need to think about it from a different perspective . . .

Would you rather do 100% of the work and get 100% of your profits, or would you rather take a much easier path and do what you can while you simultaneously get profits from what thousands of other people do?

In a moment, I am going to show you how to get ALL the referrals from your own promotions plus results from 100s of other marketers, but . . .

For the moment, we will ignore the concept of spillover . . . where people I refer and people my sponsors refer end up in your referral network contributing to your monthly income.

Assume you work really hard and sponsor 10 people this month, but all you get are the people you refer. Then next month, you do it again, and you now have 20 people you have referred plus any people the first 10 you recruited refer.  You might have 25 people total.

But if instead, you referred using my link, and referred 10, you might only get 2 referrals in your network from your efforts. But at the same time, there are 100 more people promoting with my TOAN ID and they collectively refer 10 people each . . . that is 1000 referrals plus your 10 . . . I know this is a contrived example, but go with me on it for a minute.

If you got only 1% of all the referrals into your network, you would still get 10 people in your personal network (1% of a 1000 is 10) plus your 2 personal referrals. But next month, there is now 1111 people promoting my TOAN ID (counting you and the people you personally referred), and let us say they each refer only 3. That is a total of 3333 new members.

Now let us say you and your referrals collectively get 1% of the new referrals; that means 33 more people join your referral network. That is more than you would likely have gotten all by yourself, and you did not have to do all the work.

Remember this is a contrived example. I am not saying you will get that many that fast . . . it could grow much slower . . . or it could grow much faster.

This revolution is just getting started.

Getting in now means you will be in a much better position for the long term, but it also means things may start slowly. If this catches on like I think it will, it is going to grow like wildfire. And at the same time, you are getting unlimited new ads from TOAN, and you only need 3 to make yours free.

You may be wondering, Why would hundreds of affiliate marketers and product vendors build your monthly income?

Well, the answer is The same reason you would. They want a residual monthly income that grows automatically where they do not have to do all the work. They want their income to grow even when the occasional campaign flops and they does not make a profit.

Furthermore, affiliate marketing is not a self-sustaining income source; you have to keep marketing it . . . if you want to keep your income coming in.

Now you know how you will get referrals from hundreds of affiliate marketers and product vendors to start building your monthly income up to a potential maximum of $88,589 per month . . . plus cash bonuses!

How To Get Started

Now you understand the power of the Affiliate Income Revolution (AIR) and how it . . . along with hundreds of affiliate marketers and product vendors . . . will create a monthly income that grows automatically as more and more affiliate products are sold. You know what it is, how it works, how to use it, and why others will build it for you.

And of course, you also get unlimited banner and text ads impressions and an incredible income opportunity when you join The Online Ad Network.

Here is what you need to do right now:

1.   Click the Free Download button to download your free AIR Builder package.
NOTE: You will need WinZip or 7Zip (download free) to open it.
           Click here to download your Affiliate Income Revolution package

2.   Then click the Join AIR Now button and sign up for your Trial Subscription to The Online Ad Network.

3.   Finally, click here and join my free marketing club for your marketing resources to promote AIR and TOAN directly:  http://autopilot101.com/TOAN_step2.htm


That is all you have to do.

Once you join The Online Ad Network, you will simultaneously be signed up for the Free Ride; that is completely automatic.

The Affiliate Income Revolution Free Ride

You might even get referrals as soon as this week! 

Once you are hooked up on the Free Ride, you can take your time and go through the free marketing club resources.

Now you have seen how simple it is to set yourself up to receive an ever-growing monthly income from the Affiliate Income Revolution (AIR).

As I have said over and over again, you do not have to do anything to start seeing results; your monthly income will start growing on autopilot as others promote their products and affiliate income opportunities.

However, you will see bigger results much faster if you also take action. Invest some time and rely on your efforts rather than relying on everyone else. You can see bigger results than those who referred you to the Affiliate Income Revolution if you take positive, deliberate action.

Get Started Today With Your Free Download!

The Affiliate Income Revolution (AIR) . . .
It is the future of affiliate marketing!



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